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Engineered for the modern minimalist, our footwear is a testament to precision design, offering you barefoot leather shoes that are comfortable on the first try.

Person wearing brown leather sneakers stepping forward on a pavement.

It started with foot pain

It started

with foot pain

Our journey began with a foundational belief: that footwear should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also natural-feeling and supportive of overall foot health.


Birchbury’s Founder, Matt, designed the Bramford, our flagship sneaker

Matt applies his mechanical engineering degree & work experience to ensure Bramfords are ergonomic.


Launched the flagship sneaker: Bramford

Our first batch of 500 Bramfords pre-sold before they arrived in the USA.


Launched flagship dress shoe: Brenston

Brenston is a instant hit, our first batch of 1,000 pairs sold out in less than a month.


50,000 people are wearing Birchburys

With 2 shoe models (Bramford & Brenston), Birchbury becomes a stable & profitable business.


Coming soon: The launch of our chukka boot: Carnforth

We polled our customers what we should make next. A chukka boot was the clear answer.

Person wearing white sneakers sitting on a bed with crossed ankles.Man in blue suit leaning against a column in a corridor with pillars.Person tying the laces on a brown leather dress shoe.Man in a brown jacket and jeans standing on steps outdoors, looking to the side.

Designed for comfort

Shoes perfected for bare feet

Side view of a beige leather sneaker on a black background.Beige sneaker on a black background.Beige sneaker on a white background.

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